February 8, 2010

Thinking about debate.

I feel alone in the way I approach debate.

I feel responsible (in varying sorts of ways) for lots of LDers. I love them. I want to help them.

I'm left confused about how best to help them grow, if they need more debate theory or more practice or more intense study of the topic. (That last one is what I need, I know that.)

I don't know how beneficial it would be to give all that I know about the topic to debaters I know. Teaching form is different than explaining content. I feel like most of what I know is self-taught and competition-taught, but I must have gotten this theory from somewhere. I can't remember how much CFC has taught me, or how much reading random sources other places has contributed.

My participation in LD this year is just really quite strange. It's also a weird that knowing how to debate doesn't guarantee that you win rounds. And I wonder if I need to know how to win better, and somehow change how I speak to be more professional or something, or if I just need better content. I kind of want to be coached in what I need to do to debate better, not just to understand better.

And I wonder if I should look for people to commiserate with (not just in my own debating, but more in how I feel about helping everyone else), or expect people to understand.