March 30, 2010


What is life? There is no purpose that is not found in person, and purpose for self alone - self-love - shrivels and turns to nothing. So life is a story: rich and full if anyone cares to hear it, but empty without an audience.
What good is there to do, but love? But little good does love do if it cannot be received.
How are we touched? Are we breathed into being by Love, yet still unmoved? If love is the beginning, why does it not continue? Great friction of human soul, staunching blessed contagion, halting infinite force by refusal.
Could it be that we, together, move what one sheer force could never? There is no we, only Him: love's making, love's power, letting us let it in.


Michael said...

I love this. It (and the reality of it) is beautiful.

Lis said...

:rush of thought:


Micah E. said...

What I understand of this is wonderful.