June 27, 2010

What do I put aside, let go?
I feel that I haven't sought long enough today to be blessed by grace. But I remember his personness, how he startles me, delighting in surprising my expectations.
Comfort and feeling isn't a sure sign of God, but his word, his promise to be ever with us, is certain.

I wonder about pausing, waiting, resting, fulfilling commitments...
And joy in acceptance of the way that is set before me.

June 19, 2010

The assignment was to draw a shoe.

When I took this shoe to my desk, my mom asked if I was a little puppy that needed something to nibble on.

June 18, 2010


warmth I could call up
and affections I'd renew
yet I stop myself from saying things
afraid that they're untrue

questions, poised and tense
unable to be spoken
why should I try to reach you
when it seems the ties have broken?

the future's so unclear,
I don't see how to proceed
I wonder how to cultivate
a love not based on need

June 15, 2010

living by axioms

Somehow I seem to have had little to say recently. I think about how God turns back every disappointment, and how everything I want to be redeemed shall be. Everything I don't see now is an opportunity to eventually understand.

I wonder if to hope is to have.

I wonder if I'm being insincere. Am I really believing truth without sight, or am I pretending to be upheld by hope when I'm just living comfortably?
There's a lot I know, but I long to really believe.

Reconciliation ("you are wonderful and God has made you")

Why do I do this again and again.
Hearing weakness, and twisting it
to take away humanness.

Unable to appreciate
the greatness of any soul but myself.
Contriving praise to buoy up an artificial insecurity.

My grotesque nature half-hidden
by a film of undeserved promises
Until Christ crushes contradiction.

Crawling again to remembrance
Of our irrevocable identities
Eyes refreshed to wonder.

June 13, 2010

How crooked are our hearts-
Mere words can't make them right
But despite our hurts and vanities
I think forgiveness might

Brother, friend, companion
I was so blind before!
I tried to make you sing my praise
Forgetting all you bore

But now I see your face
And all I do is grin
He paid the price for everything,
Washed away our sin.

June 12, 2010

imitating Christ

eyes turned inward
(for I can’t let out words)
                                                and paradoxes
                                                and impossibilities

                                                            with self-conscious
                                                and self-correction.
Focus not on
            but away
                         & above
                                    & outside…        
{and paradoxes and impossibilities}


                                                                                    and peace. <3

June 1, 2010


You're in the middle
and memory swells
like a face in a curved mirror, closer and blown up

to catch, involve, and climax life.

You are, (have) enough
that the situation can pull upon
lifting you up, so you stand full in the the face of danger or delight

but still there is existence hidden.

You lie deep
and the future must scrape up history
for you can only remember what's written on your face.