June 15, 2010

living by axioms

Somehow I seem to have had little to say recently. I think about how God turns back every disappointment, and how everything I want to be redeemed shall be. Everything I don't see now is an opportunity to eventually understand.

I wonder if to hope is to have.

I wonder if I'm being insincere. Am I really believing truth without sight, or am I pretending to be upheld by hope when I'm just living comfortably?
There's a lot I know, but I long to really believe.


Pensword said...

We know that God will take care of everything, and that everything will be done for the good of those who love God.

I think sometimes we rest too much in that and become complacent, thinking "Oh, God will do it for me." I'm very guilty of that.

What is the difference between "knowing" and "believing"?

Art said...

I would say that knowing is intellectual. Belief is a state of the heart that flows into what you do.