July 19, 2010

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for PREP week[s].

I'm so tired. I want to really talk to God, and let His strength be shown in me.

Thinking about:

"Even in darkness, love
shows the circumference
of the world, lightning
quivering on horizons
in the summer night."
~Wendell Berry


Echoes in Ink said...

Krispy: I'm gonna have to fight Catey off to see my sister!
Catey: We're all sisters this week. No fighting. :D

It will be awesome-SAUCE! Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!

Love always,
Catey sort-of-Au

Art said...

I'm so excited to see you both. :)

mater said...

Au/Yuen duos unite!

Lis said...

... (Catey, it's Apples.... sauce!)

Ah, Lovely, those thoughts are rather closely related to our discussions at the Manor just this last weekend. [I hear that now you have actually arrived. (and have been given hugs "from me", I hope)]

Do rest in Him - and with the blessing of His body that surrounds you. I look forward to returning to see your face! =)