August 10, 2010

Summer :)

The pieces are up in the air,
I'm in the middle
They fall like fireworks, like confetti
Somehow I'm not afraid.

I totally slept in this morning, when I was going to wake up early to read Downright Dencey.Whoops. By the way, the book is lovely. The story especially. It reads quickly, because it's a children's book, but there's so much of it that I sympathize with; I see my own friendships echoed there.

This week I'm so happy, glad about what there is to do. Learning how to manage my own kitchen, tutoring a girl from my homeschool group, planning a dream room for a home economics assignment. Thinking about colleges, (how much I want to go to Biola because I loved the Wheatstone discussions) tackling my delightful list of books, waking up each morning with more to learn about God and love.

I was planning yesterday to write a post about self-examination, and perhaps the thing in my soul still needs to be pondered about, but it's better today, though I don't stop to remember the details. I clearly never found the time to write it, but in my head, I sang to Willy Wonka's tune about "a world of self-examination."


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This makes me happy. I love you.