August 7, 2010

Wrap me up as part of Your history,
I don't want a lone identity
My life is full of mystery,
but it never was my own.


Please don't say less because you fear you'll make me sad
Didn't I tell you though I thought you might get mad?
I want you to be honest, to see light once again
so don't hold off your questioning, and let me bear the pain.


Michael said...

"I don't want a lone identity" hum . . . I very much like this one.

The second one . . . I feel like I don't understand it, or I don't know what it's about. can you explain?

Michael said...

Though, it seems to be written for a specific person, so it may simply make sense that I don't understand it.

Art said...

Right. Thanks for understanding [me, if not the poem]. :)

Pensword said...

I definitely like your second poem - I can connect with that feeling a lot.

People, just say whatever it is you want to say. Stop trying to be subtle about it. It's not helping anyone. *rant*

JillY said...

I relate to both. I relate to the first one in my joy and the second in my sad times. Lovely, really...both of them.