September 26, 2010

" the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit"

I walked out, untied to anything
following my crooked heart
and what I found was perversion.
The steam drips down my chest
and I'm flesh sweating in the heat.

But a storm's coming
cold through and through
gray rain, puddles - and sunshine.
The fog billows away in waves
It pours and I'm washed clean.

I'm so chilled and emptied
brushed smooth like glass.
My heart's whole beneath my shivering skin
And drawn around the warmth within
I'm held and free.


Hayley said...

This reminds me of the best part in Voyage of the Dawntreader, when Eustace is turned back into a human again.

Mm. Freedom.

Michael said...

Our (newish) church had a few baptisms yesterday. This seemed to flow right along with them. :)

Also, in the scripture reading we read Psalm 86. ("unite my heart to fear your name")

Micah E. said...

This is wonderful.

Avery said...

I like this very much.