September 19, 2010

I've been thinking quite a bit about writing lately. Hannah Coulter is gracing my imagination, some of my friends are really good writers, and I have a college application essay due soon. I wrote maybe half of it today, but I may end up putting aside the whole thing and starting again, being less self-deprecatingly dreamy.

I am hesitant to say I love writing, because the statement so incomplete. I enjoy the process of explaining the significance I find in my experiences, and seeing the way the words come together and the concepts get clearer. I like tight writing, where I can feel myself wrapping out the thought, and knotting my ideas together until they form a neat conclusion. Poetry is only kind of like that: instead of being a sturdy basket, poems are more like cloth with an intricate pattern, threads that straddle several lines and overlap until the complexity finally ceases and the images come together as one.

When I feel writerly, it's usually in the self-indulgent way where I want to play with words for their own sake. I have to ask myself, do I really have something to say?

Maybe today I'll stop looking deep inside myself for a story to tell, and instead I'll just float on the surface, and listen.


Mr. Terrorist said...

Well, I've been thinking about writing quite frequently myself. Some times my views are slightly shifted and some times radically diverted toward another direction. Speaking about poetry, at times I find it as flirting with words (pardon my French!). That's why I go for narratives, even in poetry. I've published a few short stories in magazines, but tomorrow I will finish the first draft of my 100-page novella (God willing).
I believe that a good plot accompanied with good characterization can be much more powerful than merely beautiful words. (Too traditional?)

Good Luck and try to write that essay soon enough :)

L.E. Fiore said...

Mmm, Rebecca- I know what you mean about playing with words for their own sake. I think that's (half) of why I like writing, too- just stringing words together in rhythmic patterns. :-)

Avery said...

A. Hannah Coulter is wonderful
B. I like your discription of poetry vs. prose
C. <3

Angelyn said...

I can tell you love writing. Anyone who does will take the trouble to do it well. [:

Pensword said...

who is Hannah Coulter? (pardon my ignorance)

And Mr. T, I'd really love to read some of your short stories. Yours too, Rebecca, if you write some. I write a few myself, and I love reading them.

Humans are naturally drawn to stories, I believe.

Art said...

To everyone: =)

And, Faith, Hannah Coulter is a novel by Wendell Berry.