September 3, 2010


Turtle swam for miles and miles, mingling with all the creatures of the sea. One day, turtle washed up upon the shore, falling hard on the sand, and found herself facing a great tree with rough and bumpy bark.

Turtle drew beside the tree, and he spoke to her. "You are lovely," he said. "Belong." And he bent one of his branches to stroke her stony shell.

Turtle grew very afraid and shrunk inside that same shell. She rolled away, farther from the tree. But the sun grew hot, and turtle crept back into the water.

She came across her ocean friends, but they wouldn't look her in the eye. The water floated fragments of sentences to her, that, pieced together, she could tell were about her. And turtle was afraid.

"Belong," the tree was saying, his words repeating in her mind. And a little fish darted past turtle, stirring up the water in her own fear.

"Come back!" turtle cried, weeping turtle-tears the water hid. The little fish swished her tail and hung there. But she slowly approached turtle.

"I thought you didn't love me," the fish whimpered. Hugging to turtle, she confessed, "I thought you loved that hard island and the shady tree."

"Oh, my dear," turtle comforted. "I love you. Nothing changed."

"But the tree. . .?" fish asked fearfully. "You won't love the tree more than me, will you?"

Turtle's heart grew heavy at that. She answered slowly, "I cannot say." And fish fell back a bit and let out a disappointed, "oh." Then she swam away and turtle was left alone.

Turtle dreamed that night, dreamed about springs bubbling up on the land. She dreamed of swimming in pools of water under the steady tree's shade along with other sea creatures and saplings and old trees. Turtle dreamed of unity and she dreamed of peace.

Then the morning came, and turtle wondered.


Michael said...

Oh, dear. *sigh*