November 1, 2010

Procrastinating on writing by writing.

NaNoWriMo is supposed to be about writing without restraint. So far, I've been writing a lot but very slowly, and I'm not sure if I should try to keep up the thoughtfulness.
This year's novel is very character-centered, and so I feel like I'm acting when I write. I have to keep in my mind who the characters are and switch between them. But it's very enjoyable, even though it's slow and hard. It makes me feel like I'm writing something worthwhile.
It interests me to think what makes action in a story. Today, I'm kind of passively tired [from an awesome weekend of being  in the city :D] and the productive things I've done include sitting at my computer writing, sitting on the couch studying psychology, and sitting on my bed reading books. That's not a lot of action.
Similarly, I wonder what kind of action to talk about in my novel. I realize I know a lot more about writing than I did last year. I've read Don Miller's book on editing his life, I'm halfway through Dorothy Sayers's book about the creative process, I'm paying more attention to Reading Like A Writer (which is the kind of book that's been in my radar for while, on an off). It reminds me of how much more exciting watching movies is when you pay attention to details, and ways the filmmakers are subtly communicating.

So this kind of writing is easier than my novel, because I care so much about telling a particular story and making my characters come alive. I am beginning to like my characters very much, because they interest me. Perhaps I'll post an excerpt on here later in the month. Right now I can't decide what to share without giving it all away. I can say the theme I'm thinking about is Love Conquers All.

I think I'll go back to writing it.


Michael said...

I'm worrying about this too. Especially the bit about "action". I have a lot of ideas of the "plot" of my novel, but not many of the actions could be considered to really "happen", except that they happen in the characters.

I have a sort of story that I want to tell, but how can I tell it in a month? It's hard to write meaningfully and quickly. Maybe the best I can do is write the gist of meaning in a month, so it's there, but without being said well.

Pensword said...

The goal of NaNoWriMo is unrestrained, fast, unedited, raw work. After the month is over, you can go back and edit. I agree with Michael - get the gist there. Fix it up later.