November 9, 2010

three idea poems.

I imagine the ticking of clockwork,
of sanitary steel and manufactured surfaces
spiders of cerebral connections
stimuli dropping like miniscule beads
clicking through machinery.

Then the rough heartfulness of earth
warm like sheep's wool
fertile and red.

For the mind is the sky
and the earth is the body
held together, fact and feeling
by what's deeper than both
below the earth's core and beyond the sky's expanse
all shall be one.

Could not love shake the ghost from me
With its flaming accuracy?
Dispel the specters with whom I spoke,
Purge the air of crawling smoke.*

you made the music glisten
with a sharp needle and a silver thread
sewing in what we've made it be
and now I cannot listen
without seeing, too, that sparkle
in my persistent memory.

*Note: This one is inspired by a poem by George MacDonald, which was inspired by a painting called "The Haunted House." My poem also correlates with a part of my novel. 


Michael said...

The first one is my favorite :) (Shocker, right?)

Is the third one related to what we were talking about last night? just having all these emotional connections to songs?

Art said...

"Is the third one related to what we were talking about last night?" yup! You got it. :)