January 27, 2011


Have I said this before?
There is something very powerful behind creative works, so that to make something is a miracle, and I am awed by acts of creation.
When I write, there is a difference between remembering things God has taught me in the past and trying to restate them, and speaking a living word. It's the difference between a flying butterfly and one pinned to a board.

I've wondered about giving - speaking seems like giving and silence seems like shrinking. But when I feel empty, or as if the flame in me is too fragile to let out, trying to express something is costly. So how can it be better to give than receive?
But perhaps in those cases, it would be only my preoccupation in capturing things that I sought after, instead of truly giving, instead of communicating life (I mean that quality of spirit which is the life of God).

I read a translation of Jonah 2:8 which struck me: "Those who cling to worthless idols forsake the grace that could be theirs." Being a communicator is good, but it is not the same as loving God. 
When something is alive, there is always more beyond what is seen.