March 30, 2011

things I am thankful for.

1. Last week, I understood a little bit more about how pain and community and independence interrelate. [Basic thought: being in community unveils our selfishness; duty to love shows our inability to be righteous; we need people to purify us and teach us to depend on God.]
2. The bagel I had at lunch was delicious.
3. I have a computer that works.
4. I have a family to talk to when I'm discouraged.
5. I don't have to pay for airfare to the conference I'm teaching at next week. (My mom's driving us!)
6. I'm going to college and learning things.
7. God has given my Chapter the opportunity to run the Children's Program at an evangelistic conference/camp in May.
8. Internet access.
9. Books.
10. "Take heart, I have overcome the world."
11. Extra-credit assignments.
12. Gift cards.
13. More hours of light each day.
14. Intervarsity.
15. You, my friends, reading this.
16. The prospect of sleep.
17. "Nevertheless, I am continually with you; you hold my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will receive me to glory."

March 20, 2011

"Is there anything you can think of that makes sin truly revolting to you, so that you are repulsed by the thought of it? ...
Is there anything you can think of that makes God's love seem more real than your best friend's smile?" ~Kris Lundgaard, The Enemy Within

convicted hearts
like herbal tea,
steep me in reality.

"You can only keep the rottenness of sin and the kindness of God in mind if you fix your eyes on the cross."

March 19, 2011


what are you doing with me?

my eyes ask all the questions
lit like still stars
hanging in the sky

my silence a reproach?
or is it the sound of questions
echoing into space

my window opens to the moon
it's whole (and
reflecting in my eyes)

March 14, 2011

a rather large disaster. . . at least from one perspective.

A major plot point in my novel is that a family isn't able to pay for hospital care.
I just realized that Scotland, where my novel is set, has a National Health Service which provides healthcare that is free at the point of treatment.
Oh dear.
I am too struck by how laughable this is to figure out what to do about it yet.

March 12, 2011

works [of love]

Yesterday I had a thought.
What if I took the pressing desire I had to love my distant friends and put it into caring for the people I see? To treat my neighbors like people who matter in my story. [Yesterday I saw a performance of Julius Caesar, and I was struck by how Brutus and Cassius simply met each other on the street and Cassius knew his friend was troubled.]

Today I had another thought.
What if I blogged for you all?
I try. I would like to try some more.

love's mercy is to create need.
(which means: the reassurance of knowing that I owe love is that I must seek out how to live it)

March 2, 2011

[Text by Catey Yuen.]