May 22, 2011

May 21 [sonnet]

It makes me dizzy how much I bend,
Molding my words to fit those who hear;
I form to the pattern of those who are near
Or feel that for not doing so, I must defend.

Unmoored, I fear my faith's mettle's lack:
If outwards were gone, would substance be there?
But by moving for God's sake and not for the care
Of the world, I am righted and cannot turn back.

When Christ is the center, all else becomes straight
Though God's presence in me is not fully distinct,
And people are varied and roles are diverse.
Seeking after His heart makes my doubting abate
- Communion with God and true speaking are linked -
Thus trusting in Him breaks the power of the curse.


Michael said...

I feel this way a lot too, and I think I agree with your conclusion. I really liked this one.