May 31, 2011

May 30 + little children

Would I tire of this? Surely -
But not so much as to want to stop.
I'd be consciously and contentedly simple:
Heart tied to theirs, trading intellect for empathy.

This past weekend helped me appreciate, understand, and love little kids so much more. Makes me want to be a mother. The staff at the children's program I was teaching at told the kids to listen to "Rebecca Jie-Jie" (Jie-Jie means older sister). All I could think of when I started to write a poem last night was, "I may never march in the infantry. . ." 

I have thought about being a child of God, in the sense of being the daughter of my heavenly Father. Now I empathize with little children themselves, and see how I am like one in relation to God. I would like to write more about this to share with everyone who was praying for me. Juggling social media. :)

[Shout-out to Serfy for doing this with me. :GRIN:]


Michael said...

I'm really glad it went so well! :D

(hum . . . John calls the believers "Beloved children" a lot . . .)

Serfy said...

" intellect for empathy." ::nods::

Your mom reminded me of that one afternoon when I was feeling like I wasn't teaching them enough. But all I really have to try to do is love.